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Rural Agriculture Development society RADS a not –for- Profit organization.

We need to start advising and training climate-smart agriculture to farmers to bring it into practice, working closely with farmers and their communities. But there are no one time solutions, climate-smart farming practices need to respond to different local conditions, to geography, weather and the natural resource base.

We help Farmers in Land usage strategies, implementation of seasonal crops and continuous income generating methods of agriculture.

We give free consulting in Private Public partnership strategies which will help them in Guaranteed price and purchase policies, market analysis and demand supply matrix, assured income models, feasibility studies, climatic conditions and their impact, insurance and its importance in agriculture, financial resourcing support, subsidies in time from all the government benefits and policies.

grass field
grass field

Our principles

To assist and provide all round help related to agriculture related development science & technologies and seed development activities and horticulture development activities through timely interventions with science and technology

To initiate and encourage women leadership, empowerment by helping women to progress in day to day life, to develop the rural villages - educations standards,Family and Health welfare activities, Sanitation, Child care and Nutrition for all.

RADS aims

Mission & Vision

To provide all round support towards agricultural activities for their better livelihood through science and technology timely intervention by increasing the income source to grow and develop in all spheres of their life.

To promote and encourage farmers,skill training,leadership, empowerment in all fields by helping them to self sustainable progress in their livelihood.

Rads keen to conduct exposure study tours and visits between best role model farmers to understand how to adopt, innovative and value added methods for better income generation for better livelihood.

To provide awareness and training programs and study tours for farmers and rural students to inspire towards science and technology developments adoption in the agriculture field for better income generation and better liveliwood .

To conduct associated activities relating to

To educate and implement activities through workshops,seminars,exhibitions for the following events.

  • water conservation.

  • save plants.

  • save water.

  • to adopt new agricultural technologies.

  • training programs for farmers.

  • tours between farmers to farmers for their understanding & exchanging views.

  • science awareness for students,farmers & general society.

  • to preserve ancient buildings , temples.

  • to develop old check dams to conserve water for sustainable development.

  • Health

  • Sanitation

  • Family welfare

  • Nutrition

  • Development of Natural resources like -waste land development, social forestry, save water, save trees, conservation of water, bio diversity, climate change,

  • organic farming,co-operative society development,health awareness,dairy development,water shed management,horticulture,aqua culture,

  • biotechnology use in agriculture.

  • Preservation of local folk & art culture

  • to adopt Irrigation facilities to conservation of water,save water through water technologies

  • To increase green plantation cover in dry lands by engaging local communities in social forestry

  • To execute a water conservation projects for sustainable water resources. As part of this is a project called Save Water!

  • To promote arts and culture in the rural areas. For example to conserve, renovate and revive an ancient temple on a hillock dedicated to obuleswara swamy

  • To support peasants and farmers in tune to technological advances in farming methods

  • To raise awareness on seeds and cropping patterns

  • To liaise with government officials and farmers for enabling them to get GOVT schemes,subsidies,loans, Information, weather forecasts, etc

  • To build and run institutions based on skill development vocational courses such as carpentry, mason, plumbing, electrician, driving,motor mechanic and other livelihood courses.

Our principles

We prioritize the needs and well-being of farmers, ensuring their success and prosperity in agriculture.

Collaboration for Growth

Innovation and Adaptability

Farmers First

We constantly seek innovative solutions and adapt to changing agricultural practices to maximize productivity and efficiency.

We foster collaboration between farmers, government agencies, and private entities to create a supportive ecosystem for agricultural development.

Kovuuri Ganapathi Reddy

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