Cattle Fair

Farmers Cattle Festival

6/10/20192 min read

Cattle festival is a festival, which is held yearly in Bandlapalli Village, Nangivandlapalli, Thalupula Mandal,Anantapur disct., Here people come to attend and take part in the festival from far of villages. The surrounding villages forming community of local heads contributes money to conduct a bull festival and cultural shows for visitors of the cattle festival.

RADS supported ‘Devara Yeddu velpu’ festival every year at Bandlapalli village, Talupula Mandal, Kadiri taluk, Anantapur district, Rayalseema , Andhra Pradesh. Which is a custom among the surrounding local villagers farming community.

The local village heads gather at the fair along with villagers who bring number of ox's to the fair where lot of feed is kept for the ox to eat. When the ox go to eat the feed, the villagers who have gathered there, scare away the oxes by beating the drums, making loud noises and by pouring colored water on the oxes.

In the velpu fair that follows, one ox which is brave and breaks through and feeds on food is named as Devara Yeddu. It is later then, the ox is left free into the fields to graze without any restrictions.

The next Devara yeddu fair will be held only if the previous ox is no more. Thousands of people attend this fair in a Bandlapalli village, Kadiri taluk, Anantapur district.

The local Member of Parliament Shri. Nizamuddine visited the Devara velpu fair and conveyed his best wishes to all the visitors and farmers. The surrounding villagers local heads contribute to conduct the velpu fair. Here people come to attend and take part in the fair from far neighboring villages. The organizers of velpu fair conduct a cultural show for the visitors.

What is the significance?

Any family function or any auspicious ceremony is to be held thereafter, then it is beguned by firstly performing pooja to Devara yaddu.

What will happen to the ox?

After the ox is named as Devara yaddu the ox is free to graze in the fields without restrictions and is worshiped.

RADS President B.M.M Reddy is seen with Devara Yaddu, after the pooja was performed